Semantic Database for articles, publishers, publications and authors

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Wikijournals-server is a web application, based on Semantic Mediawiki. This application allow collecting articles, publishers, publications and authors in a semantic database. The following functions are available:



For the installation of wikijournals on your own webserver please execute the following steps:

  1. Download the full package from github (the complete wikijournals directory)
  2. Copy the wikijournals directory onto the htdocs directory of your webserver
  3. Note: The directory wikijournals\images must be writable for the webserver (including all subdirectories)
  4. Start the webserver and the database server, if the are not on
  5. Create a database and a database user for wikijournals (you can also use the root user, but this is not recommended)
  6. Call the url /wikijournals/installation in the browser
  7. Follow the installation steps of the installer
  8. If the installer ends successfully please copy the LocalSettings.php from the config subdirectory of the installation directory into the main wikijournals directory
  9. Now you can start wikijournals by calling the url /wikijournals
  10. Please note: The default password of the Administrator account (Login:Administrator) is "wikijournals". We recommend changing this password after first login !!